How to make a Hot kiss

Most people dont have any idea about hot kissing but it is true that hot kissing can show your real love to your partner or friend , girl or boy friend. It shows that how much you love and what is feeling that you have about her or him.
When blood run and run in your body with high speed and you become red and hot and feel goods and true love come to your hand , hardly embracing and making a kiss . This is full of story and in all art like movies , actors try to show the best performance of love . 
First kiss is very important term and continuously you will feel better and better. 

Try to dry your lips do not move lips together. A light brush of  tongue over your lips is good before you kiss and it  will be sufficient to make sense . My be you dont  know when someone will go in for the smooch.    Do not lick  lips all the time, though, as this can dry them out further.
Try to do your best with high sense. this is a sample ....

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