Is First kiss hottest Kiss?

First kiss or to be kiss is very important in relationships , but the question is this the hottest kiss or not?
Hot kiss true love 

Girls can speak hours about first kiss
In my opinion this is not hottest kiss , because  continuously this will happen and effect of  a kiss is very important . In duration of love some times kissing will happened and in small part of these situations the girl / boy  - more specifically for girls because of higher degree of sensitiveness - that be kissed has sensation of real love .
The action and reaction perfectly show the result , with higher sensation with kisser reaction will be more and more lovely . Place has very important role in kissing and feeling of love , for example the selection of place for first kiss can show the emotional intelligence of the kisser and importance of the person that will be kissed .

In my experience , almost girls refer the place and condition that first kiss happened , and it is very important for them , but boys sometimes forget and forget .

Place plays vital role in kissing and hot kiss

Girls save the symbols and place in memory perfectly , and after years they can speak more than hour regarding to the all happening in the  first kiss duration .
There is a suggestion to prepare yourself in every situation and know about showing the sense and feeling in kiss .

What do you think about first kiss ?????????????????????

First Kiss  lyrics  -
Mandy Moore

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