5 Things About Your Girlfriend

You have a girlfriend and you think how make better love and best relationship with my girlfriend . Maybe your girlfriend has some excuses for you and seriously you want solve these problems  , but " what should I do for her !!!!. I think , I am the best boyfriend ,WOW and she never accept me ."
This is your perception about a girl , in fact there are some secrets about girls and if you want a stable relationship you need to do somethings  , after one week you will see the magic.

rain kissAttention is the total wants of a girl , and you can give your attention with simple 5 easy steps to her.

1. Listen Carefully 
Girls love you , when you listen more . First thing is good listening . Actually with good listening they think that they are most important in your world , and this is all thins girls want.

2.Please see changes
Girls are more sensitive than boys , they care about details and expect you to see small details and small changes as like them . She loves you to see her changes , if it is just a small tattoo.

3.Avoid  YES NO answering
Big mistake with a girl is YES NO answering . They love stories and details , they imagine all details in stories. This is another different with boys .When they ask a question , they need full answer in detail .

4.Be Fresh and Energetic

You are tired , angry ,.... etc . It is not important because you are a powerful man in her world. You can give her more energy , do not worry , you will receive again .When you call your girlfriend , be fresh and energetic , more specific in call with your cellphone .

5.Please give time to Shopping 
Maybe you think about your pocket , do not worry man , go shopping just for a simple walking in shopping malls . This is an old story , women like shopping if they buy just a small matches . They will be happy if you give them advisement for best color for her .If you suggest her a nice shirt .

Finally kiss your girlfriend with love .

To write this I listen to my girlfriend (S.J ) carefully , they are her suggestion .
Thank  her.


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