You are walking in street , your hands are in your pockets , your shoulders are falling down and you are thinking how find a girl friend . You tell yourself tomorrow I will get a good girlfriend , and I will find happiness and every time  I will call my girlfriend or meet her. WoW what a nice surprise .
In fact love is like train that should be catch before is gone ; and you should think about yourself at first . A girl is a human like you and she is looking for a good boy like you , she has sensation , love and favorites as like you have.
 How I get a girl friend.
girlfriend kiss
Your girlfriend is waiting for you  

At first look at yourself , a girl want a man with power in voice and self esteem that shows he is real and lovely man , all thing will be solved .
In my experience all places are good to find a girlfriend but in some places you have more chances to find your love . The true love is waiting for you  in some places just look at all places surrounding you .
The best places to find a girlfriend are places with positive energy , means in some places  that people are happy or do activities.You can find best girl friend . For example in ceremonies , wedding , colleges ,  malls , festivals ,etc .
In these places people are real more  than other places and you can approach girl easily more than other places . In my opinion and based on my experience in each place that you have more behavior and transaction , easily you can find better girlfriend , for example in a college you can monitor a girl and approach her to make friendship.
A girl is thinking like you , do not worry , but you should be good looking and have a small practices on your personality like a good voice . Good voice is a key factor , because girls are more sensitive in hearing than looking and if you can speak a little good do not kill your chance and start now .
If you have a single girl that is your special case and everyday you see her , it is required to  step by step approach her . One day with hello , next day with more speaking , but don't forget you are a gentleman and she is a lady .
You will find your girlfriend 
Make ready yourself for first and hot kiss , please don't have any doubt to yourself girls are looking for good boy like you .
Society has more chances , maybe you try your chance in social networks like facebook , but I prefer to meet a girl in real world.

All the best  .


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